Additive manufacturing using the Voxel method

First the definition: Voxel is a 3-dimensional pixel. Its’ long form is Volumetric Picture Element. Since there is no defined dimension or shape for a voxel, any object that has repeatability in its use to render a larger object can

Voxel Alignment

In continuation with my previous article about Additive Manufacturing – Using the Voxel method, I am going to talk about some of the challenges that we currently face in order to take this to the next step. The biggest challenge

Additive Manufacturing and Industrial Tooling (Part 1)

The global tooling industry runs into hundreds of billions of dollars. In fact, I believe it is the single largest ‘horizontal’ industry that effectively caters to all of the major ‘vertical’ industrial sectors. These sectors would not exist in their

Additive Manufacturing and Industrial Tooling (Part 2)

In my previous article I had raised the point of how Additive Manufacturing can help speed up conventional manufacturing through conformal cooling of tools. The marriage of AM technology to manufacture certain tools helps in bringing down the cost of

3D Printing – Look beyond the hot air!

The history of steam engines goes back to almost 2000 years. But a workable steam engine was invented only about 250 years ago and of course, James Watt took all the credit for it. It took a further 50 years