Our Chairman

Romesh WadhwaniSerial Entrepreneur & Philanthropist

Romesh is a successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur and philanthropist with passion for wealth creation. After building three large scale successful companies in three decades, the last of which was sold for over $9 billion, Romesh founded the Wadhwani Foundations in 2000 to which he has committed to donate most of his wealth. Romesh envisions high impact social change in emerging economies through sustained economic acceleration. He is a member of the Gates Buffet Giving Pledge.

Romesh is also the Founding Chairman and CEO of Symphony Technology Group, a 12 year old PE firm comprising of 23 companies, with a combined revenue of USD 3.5 billion and 18,000 employees. In August 2012, Romesh was appointed by U.S President Barack Obama as General Trustee, Board of Trustees of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington DC, a key administration post. Romesh is also a Board Member of Center for Strategic and International Studies, Washington DC. He is a proud recipient of the prestigious ‘Non Resident Philanthropist’ award at the Forbes India Philanthropy Awards 2013 and also features in Forbes 400 list.

Romesh obtained a B. Tech degree from IIT Bombay and an MS and Ph.D in Electrical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.

As I think about entrepreneurship, I have concluded that there is no higher creative calling than being an entrepreneur. More than being a painter, more than being a sculptor, more than being a dancer, more than being a singer… The reason is because entrepreneurs get to create on a very large canvas

Romesh Wadhwani

Romesh’s focus on entrepreneurship development

Passionate about advancing entrepreneurship, Romesh believes that the most effective way for countries to create jobs is to create entrepreneurs who start high-growth companies. It was, in fact, this conviction that led him to start the Foundations first and longest-running initiative, the National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN), in 2003. Today, NEN impacts more than 70,000 graduate-students and 6,000 entrepreneurs across the country, annually, by providing them the knowledge, skills and networks they need to start and scale high-growth companies. NEN is now poised to take its proven model of advancing entrepreneurship to other emerging economies.

Alongside NEN, Romesh and his Foundations are working closely with the Indian government to ease the regulatory and policy environment for young businesses in the country, and strengthen the grant-making environment for innovative startups. Additionally, the Foundations other initiatives are geared to help entrepreneurs find skilled and employable professionals they need to grow their companies.


The economic greatness of a country is fueled by the strength and vitality of its entrepreneurs

Romesh Wadhwani